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Remember that I said we keep switching between the visual studio and SQL server environments?

And I said that the reason was that each of the environments is meant for a specific goal.

  • We create and implement components such as the schema, dimensions, hierarchies, facts, and the cube in the visual studio.

  • After doing these, we should take the cube, our database, and all the dimensions and facts in it to the SQL Server.

By doing this, we create an OLAP database, and whenever we need the data from this database, all we need to do is to connect to the database and make our requests.

What is Deploy?

The act of taking the cube from the visual studio to the SQL server is called deployment.

Doing this creates an OLAP database in the SQL server under a specific name.


Taking the Cube from the Visual Studio to the SQL Server

Data Type

Data Analysis Environment

Visual Studio 2022 & SQL Server 2019

Doing this creates an OLAP database in the SQL server under a specific name.



Deploying the Cube

The following steps must be taken for deployment:


We should right-click on the name of the project and select the last option, which is called properties.



A window then opens with multiple tabs on its right.

  • We go to the Deployment tab, where we should choose the name of the SSAS server.

  • Since I am doing the work on my computer, I consider the “Localhost” value for it.

  • In the Database section, I should specify a name for the OLAP database, which I have chosen to be Nill2Bill.

  • After making the initial settings, I hit ok.



Now everything is prepared for the deployment.

All I have to do is right-click on the name of the project again and click deploy.


The operations above lead to the deployment.

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Written by: Moslem Afrashteh

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