Entry Point

What Are The Steps To Learn SSAS?

  • #1 Understanding The Tools Required To Set Up SSAS

  • #2 Knowing The Primary Sources Of Data For Analysis (OLTP And DW)

  • #3 Mastering How To Implement The Analytical Database (Cube)

  • #4 Mastering How To Implement Dimensions And Facts In The Cube

  • #5 Mastering Analytical Database Query Language (MDX)

  • #6 Finally, Mastering How To Connect The Final Result To The Interface

What Are The Steps Of Doing An SSAS Project?

  • #1 We Download And Install The Required Tools.
  • #2 We Prepare The Data Source For Analysis (OLTP Or DW)
  • #3 We Create An Analytical Database (Cube)
  • #4 We Implement Dimensions And Facts In The Cube

  • #5 We Send Business Requests To The Cube (MDX)

  • #6 We Connect The Final Result To A Beautiful Interface (Powerbi, Web, Mobile, Etc.)

This Was The Whole SSAS Architecture.

Now you understood the concept of the architecture, which shows show the start and finish points of the movement.

You have also understood the overall process of an SSAS analytical project, including where it should start and where it ends.

You saw here that the architecture is generally made up of four parts, inside which there are a series of concepts you should familiarize yourself with.

Written by: Moslem Afrashteh

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