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 In this definitive guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about SSAS to become a Senior SSAS Specialist in 2022.


8-Step Guide To Becoming A Senior SSAS Specialist In 2022


  • If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in SSAS.

  • Well, who better to help you with your training than me?

  • I’ve prepared an eight-step tutorial for you.

  • This tutorial will lead you from zero to an SSAS expert by step.

  • With each of the eight stages, I have prepared a definitive guide for you and included some helpful tips.

  • This article should allow you to quickly become an expert in this subject and get a job in a big company.

So let’s go!



SSAS Download



 SQL Server Analysis Services is an integrated service with SQL Server and Visual Studio.

You need to install the service on both SQL Server and Visual Studio to use it. So you must have both of these products installed.

Here are the tools you need:




SSAS Install


 In this step, you must install the software in the order and principle you downloaded in step 1.




SSAS Tutorial


 Now It’s Time For You To Start Your Training.

I’ve prepared a three-step tutorial for you that will take you from zero to an SSAS expert step-by-step. Each of the three steps includes a comprehensive guide and tips.




SSAS Project


Now is the time to Make Your Work More Professional by transferring what we have learned to the real world.

The client neither knows nor cares about the details of our implementation strategies.

All he cares about is that his app works (in the form of mobile apps, web, etc.).




SSAS Course

Congratulations, But You’re Not Senior Yet!

What is the problem?

If you’ve been with me so far, congratulations!

You’re a specialist in SSAS, but there’s still a minor issue:

You’re Not Senior Yet.

There are two ways of achieving seniority:

  • Either go to a company and face challenges.

  • Or wait until I complete this training program and turn you into a senior expert in a brief period.


Will You Let Me Take The Last Step For You?

So far, I’ve been keeping my promise to you.

Let me fulfill that promise by giving you this final step in the process, enabling you to become a Senior SSAS specialist ready to take on any global project.

I knew it would take a long time to build this course, but I’m so glad I did. Because I know my students will be the best SSAS specialists in the world.

I have over 10 years of industrial experience in SSAS projects, so I know what it takes to succeed and become an SSAS Specialist.

Now This expertise is entirely yours for the taking.

In the form of 5 industrial projects in a short time.

  • Working on five real-world projects from start to finish, from data collection to writing a program in C# and delivering it to the client.

    It’s Exciting, Isn’t It?

Each project you’ll complete in this course solves a significant challenge you’ll face along the way.

End Of Your Learning Journey?

Completing this course and doing its exercises will end your educational path.

You’re now proudly a Senior SSAS Specialist!

Here Is Your Chance! 

Do you want to be a senior SSAS specialist?

Course Features

  • Solving 5 industrial projects focusing on solving 5 big challenges

  • Carrying out all projects based on a global standard

  • From collecting data and cleaning it to writing a real application with C#

  • Transferring projects on this application and delivering it to the customer

This Is Exactly What The Customer Wants.

Grab a coffee and go on!


Coming Soon …





Now Go And Join A Big Company.

Good job! Now that you are a Senior SSAS expert, you can attend job interviews and ace it!

You, Will, Do Great in Your New Position!

Are you aware of how much an average SSAS specialist earns in America?

$ 110000 (According to Talent)



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Is It Finished?

Yes, you are a senior SSAS specialist.

No, you need to be updated now and then (I am also updated every day after 17 years of experience).


I regularly email free tips to people who subscribe to my newsletter.

You cannot find these tips anywhere, nor will I publish them on the site.

Only for members of the site, and I send it for free.

This was also because of the promise I gave you at the beginning.

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Hooray! Senior SSAS Specialist?

  • Senior SSAS Specialist?

  • Is this a joke?

  • I don’t need any more experience?

I promised you I did it.

It provided that you have completed the previous five steps completely.

Written by: Moslem Afrashteh

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