SSAS Gateway

The gateway to SSAS is to understand its architecture.

Tell me the beginning and the end of the trip.

The architecture tells you:


Where the starting point is?


What is done during the journey?


Which tools do we take advantage of to reach the final desired destination for us and the customer?

As you can see, this architecture is made up of four parts:




Data Warehouse





It starts from the data source.

Some tasks are carried out on the way

Delivering the project to the customer.

  • To simplify these concepts, I will start with the SSAS Architecture.

Architecture tells you where each MS SQL Analysis Services project starts and ends.

From beginning to end, there are several concepts and tools that, if understood, will make the rest of Microsoft SSAS easier for you.

So stay with me to discuss architecture and its components in the best possible way.

If you understand the SQL Server Analysis Services architecture, which is very simple, you will fully understand all my talk about SSAS below.

That’s why I chose it as the first part for you to enter the world of SQL Server Analysis Service.

Architecture tells you:

  • Where To Go?
  • What To Do Along The Way?
  • And What Tools To Use To Get To Our Final Destination (Technically) And The Customer (In Terms Of Requirements)?

So we start with the same mentality.


As you can see in the figure, the MS SSAS architecture contains four layers:

  • It Starts From The Data Source.
  • The Data Is Cleaned And Stored In A Data Warehouse.
  • Based On These Data, We Design And Implement An Analytical Database.
  • Eventually, The Final Stage Is Delivering The Project To The Customer.

Written by: Moslem Afrashteh

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