SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial

Are you ready for a short trip to learn SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)?

Phase 1: Sandbox (SSAS Fundamental)

SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial Fundamental

Did you pick everything up?
You know that we need a series of tools to travel and without them, it is impossible to move!
So we first download and install all the necessary tools to start learning SQL Server Analysis Services step by step.

Now ready to play a little sand?
I’m sure you know that you need to be fully acquainted with its concepts before entering any new world.
So here, we need to play a little sand and get acquainted with the tools and concepts of SSAS theory.
Be aware that understanding these concepts, while complete, is very simple and fun to make the trip enjoyable.
I will not forget this!

The concepts we learn in this phase are briefly:

  • SSAS architecture (Specify the beginning and end of each SSAS project)

  • OLTP concepts (It all starts here)

  • Data warehouse (We do not give garbage, so we do not take garbage)

  • OLAP concepts (It always has an exciting ending)

  • Interface (The customer has the last word)

Phase 2: Honeymoon (SSAS Intermidiate)

SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial Intermediate

Are you ready to walk?
The sandbox is over!
You have grown up, and now you have to go on SSAS honeymoon.

In this phase, we are going to take six steps together.
In 6 steps, we will learn the whole SSAS, and with the same six steps, we will analyze and implement all SSAS industrial projects.
This is not exciting!
I myself am excited after years of experience in this field.
So let’s go.
Six steps to learn SSAS:

  • Step 1: Read The Data From Different Sources (OLTP or DW)

  • Step 2: Design a Map For It (Schema)

  • Step 3: We Start Building According To The Plan (Construction-Making Cubes and Dimensions)

  • Step 4: Save The Created Project Somewhere (OLAP Database)

  • Step 5: Get The Final Leaks Done (Debugging)

  • Step 6: We Deliver The Final Project To The Customer In The Form Of An Application

Phase 3: Industry (SSAS Advanced)

SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial Advanced

Now It Is Time To Implement an Actual Application!

Do you know that we came back from our honeymoon?

Remember that you no longer have to sign everywhere!

Do you know why?
Because in this phase, you will master all the technical topics of SSAS and be ready to implement any program in this field and deliver it to the customer in the form of an application (Windows, mobile, web, etc.).

Isn’t that exciting?

So trust me and be with me until the end of this journey.

Six steps to implementing an actual project with SSAS:

  • Step 1: What Does The Business Need?

  • Step 2: What Data Do We Have/Need?

  • Step 3: What Do We Organize The Data For Modeling?

  • Step 4: What Modeling Techniques Should We Apply?

  • Step 5: Which Model Best Meets The Business Objectives?

  • Step 6: How Do Stakeholders Access The Results?

SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial – Fundamental

Install the tools needed for SSAS
Download the tools needed for SSAS
SSAS Architecture
OLTP Database
SSAS Data Warehouse
SSAS Interface

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