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Download and Install Visual Studio 2022

This is a complete guide to download and install Visual Studio 2022.

In this new guide you’ll learn:

  • How To Download Visual Studio 202

  • How To Install Visual Studio 2022

  • How To Install Visual Studio 2022 Components

  • How To Install Visual Studio 2022 Extensions

So let’s go!

Download Visual Studio 2022

  • Powerful IDE

  • free for students

  • open-source contributors

  • and individuals

  • Professional IDE best suited to small teams

  • Scalable

  • end-to-end solution

  • for teams of any size

Install Visual Studio 2022

Six steps to install Visual Studio 2022:

Step 1: Visual Studio Installer > Countinue

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step1-Part1

Figure 1: Installer Page – Part1

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step1-Part2

Figure 2: Installer Page – Part2

Step 2: Choose the components you need

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step2

Figure 3: Components Page

Step 3: Specify the installation location

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step3-Part1

Figure 4: Installation Location – Part1

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step3-Part2

Figure 5: Installation Location – Part2

Step 4: Install

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step4

Figure 6: Install Page

Step 5: Please Waite …

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step5-Part1

Figure 7: Install Progress – Part1

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step5-Part2

Figure 8: Install Progress – Part2

Step 6: Finish

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step6-Part1

Figure 9: Install Finish

Visual Studio 2022 Install-Step6-Part2

Figure 10: Choose Color Theme

Install SSAS in Visual Studio 2022

At this moment, Visual Studio 2022 does not include extensions for Analysis Services, Integration Services, or Reporting Services projects.

However, it is still supported in Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017.

To install SSAS in Visual Studio 2019, follow three steps:

Step 1: Click To Extensions > Manage Extensions.

Step 2: Look For “Analysis Services.”

Step 3: Add The Extension “Microsoft Analysis Services Projects.”

Install SSAS in Visual Studio 2019-3Steps

Figure 11: Install SSAS in Visual Studio 2019

If you want to know more about SQL Server Analysis Services and how it works, I suggest reading the SSAS Tutorial article.

Reference Article: SSAS Tutorial in 6 + 1 Steps

Written by: afrashteh

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