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This is a Complete Guide to Connect Any Applications to SSAS – 2022.


  • Step 01: How to Connect Any Applications to SSAS?

  • Step 02: How to Connect Windows Applications to SSAS?

  • Step 03: How to Connect Python Applications to SSAS?

  • Step 04: How to Connect ASP.NET MVC Applications to SSAS?

So let’s go!

Connect Any Applications to SSAS


This is when the customer practically sees the result of your work in the framework that he wants.

It means that you have done all the technical work and now will deliver it to the customer in the form of an application.

As an SSAS professional, you need to know the work process.

You have to know the stages and the tools, and you need to be able to tell the programmer what you need and know what information to give him.

So let’s go and start the work.

Applications can interact with your results.

We already said that there are two ways of interacting with the model:

  • Singleton Query

  • Batch Query

The overall process for connecting each application to SSAS is as follows:

  • You build the model in the Visual Studio.

  • You deploy it in the OLAP database (save your model there).

  • You create a singleton query.

  • Connect your application to this singleton query (using some specific libraries in your application).

  • It gives you some response, which you take to the application and use.

  • You pass a parameter to the model.

  • The model gives you the answer in a split second.

  • You take the answer and use it, ok?

These steps were the summary of the work, almost the same in every data mining project done in the visual studio or the SQL server.

Connect Windows Applications to SSAS

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