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I Am Founder of NillBill.

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My Role and Passion

I am the founder of Nill2Bill, a specialized platform dedicated to teaching Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2022.

I am deeply passionate about data science, particularly in the medical field, and I have a wide range of expertise in Business Intelligence (BI) and SQL Server.

  • Data Scientist

  • DL/ML in Medicine (Alzheimers Disease)

  • Founder of Nill2Bill

  • Instructor @Udemy

  • Author @Amazon

  • PhD in Medical Informatics

  • MSBI

Nill2Bill’s Vision

I’ve created Nill2Bill to share my knowledge and passion with others. The website is filled with free, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand tutorials that cater to learners of all levels.


SSAS training in infographic format, in simple language, in a short time with the sole purpose of industry and entering the labor market (completely free).


Become Nill2Bill, a specialized reference for free business intelligence training with Microsoft tools.

Training people to enter international markets in the field of BI.



My Latest Udemy Course

In addition to the resources available on Nill2Bill, I’ve authored an in-depth course titled “The Complete SSAS 2022 + SSAS 2019 in ONE Course [2023]” available on Udemy. This course offers a detailed understanding of SSAS 2022 and SSAS 2019, making it a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in mastering these tools.

My Latest Course

The Complete SSAS 2022 + SSAS 2019 in ONE Course [2023]

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Professional Background

My professional background lies in medical data science. I’ve been actively working as a data scientist in the medical field, focusing specifically on detecting Alzheimer’s disease using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. I’m proficient in Python and have leveraged its powerful capabilities in my work.

My Latest Book

I’ve authored a book called “But I’m not a DBA Specialist: From Analysis To Monitoring” available on Amazon. This book encapsulates my experiences and insights, providing a unique perspective on data analysis and monitoring.

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Social Engagement

Beyond my site and professional role, I actively engage with a wider community of data enthusiasts and professionals on LinkedIn. I believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, and I am always open to discussions, partnerships, and engagements in the field of data science and business intelligence.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to explore the site and the resources available, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there’s something specific you want to learn about SSAS or data science in general. Welcome to Nill2Bill!

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My Latest Course

But I’m Not a Senior SSAS Specialist!

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My Latest Book

But I’m Not a DBA Specialist!

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